Promoting Veganism

Rescuing, rehabilitating and giving a lifelong home for victims of speciesism.

Help them

Becomin a member of the shelter and help the animals. We can continue to save lives thanks to the contribution of caring people who believe in our work and one better world is possible. When you collaborate economically with Leon Vegano Animal Sanctuary, your collaboration will be translated in new lives saved. The shelter is working only by donations and sponsors of inhabitants, who are you that hold the project.

A project for them

We have a future project for more animals, and we want to make it happen. We rescue more animals and continue crossing borders and promoting veganism. We talked about of school visits, people with disabilities, vegan cooking courses, documentary projections, educational talks, events and anything that will help us raise awareness on veganismo. We want to bring the victims to society and make a relationship of equality betweens humans and nonhumans.

We need a new land

We want to continue rescuing, for which the shelter needs a new, larger and permanent place to stlabish them and continue rescuing more victims of speciesims. The project need as new location before of 4 (four) months because actual rental end on may 2014. We want continue this long road filled with rescues and new free dawns for the animals. To achieve this, the shelter need urgently your help.


Success in the campaign against cold.

We can say it’s finished and we are very grateful for the success it has had, we want to thank you with all our hearts for having taken into consideration the needs of the Sanctuary for this winter and to have collaborated with us. so here it is the list of all the donated stuff: […]

Four months to find a new terrain

4 months to find a new terrain We’ve been working 9 months as a sanctuary and the time to begin a new period has come. we have reached the limit of animals that we can admit, so there is no room and we can’t rescue large animals like cows. In may ends the rental contract […]

At last the wheelchair for Oscar has arrived!

For those who don’t know him, he’s a chicken that was born in a hatchery and survived in a broiler farm. He was being fattened to be killed in the slaughterhouse and to be sold in a supermarket. he couldn’t walk so he was discarded and ended up being given for veterinary practices. Someone managed […]

Pin has been very sick this month

Pin has been very sick this month. she has suffered a very common highly lethal disease in chicks. Is usually deathly from the very same day they get sick, it depends on which part of the body attacks, she could have been paralyzed. Being okay mentally and having strong defenses was definitive for her recovery, […]